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Commissions are currently Open!

Please review the Commission chart below to get a rough idea of how much commissions cost.

Want to commission us?  Please click the Commission Form link to get started!

Standard Commission Pricing

(These are Base prices per single character)

"Special" Commission Pricing

(Please see descriptions for more info)

$80  Witchsona

Single Character + Witch's 'Familiar' + Simple Background + 3 themed items

$70  D&D Custom Character Sheet

Single Character + Customized/Designed Stat Sheet

$120  D&D Character with Inventory/Equipment

Single Character + 2 Weapons + 1-10 Inventory Items

$90  Pokemon Trainer/Gym Leader with Full Pokemon Team

Single Character + 6 Pokemon team + Simple Background

$100  Full Character Turnaround

Single Character + Front / Back / 3/4 view of same character

$70  Expression Sheet

10 Expressions per Single Character

$170  Character Turnaround with Expression Sheet

Single Character - Full Turnaround (Front/Back / 3/4 view)

+ 10 expressions

Add-On's for Commission (These can be added for an additional cost)

+Detailed Background  +$35

+Extra Character / Figure  +$35

+Items / Weapons  +$15-$25

+Anything Mech  +$45

+NSFW fee  +$10

**Extremely Difficult / Complex fee +$25

**this is only applicable if the commission is something we expect to take longer than usual and is outside our realm of comfort / Ability.**

Once you feel confident in getting a commission or would like an exact quote, please click the Commission Form link so we can take a look and get back to you! 

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