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Commissions are currently Open!

Please review the Commission chart below to get a rough idea of how much commissions cost.

Want to commission us?  Please click the Commission Form link to get started!

Standard Commission Pricing

(These are Base prices per single character)


+Lineart  $10

+Flat Colors  $15

+Fully Shaded  $20

Bust / Portrait

$15  Lineart+

$20  Flat Colors+

$25  Fully Shaded+

Full Body Figure

$35  Lineart+

$40  Flat Colors+

$50  Fully Shaded+

Half Body - Waist Up

+Lineart  $25

+Flat Colors  $30

+Fully Shaded  $35

"Special" Commission Pricing

(Please see descriptions for more info)

$60  Witchsona

Single Character + Witch's 'Familiar' + Simple Background + 3 themed items

$55  D&D Custom Character Sheet

Single Character + Customized/Designed Stat Sheet

$120  D&D Character with Inventory/Equipment

Single Character + 2 Weapons + 1-10 Inventory Items

$70  Pokemon Trainer/Gym Leader with Full Pokemon Team

Single Character + 6 Pokemon team + Simple Background

$85  Full Character Turnaround

Single Character + Front / Back / 3/4 view of same character

$70  Expression Sheet

10 Expressions per Single Character

$150  Character Turnaround with Expression Sheet

Single Character - Full Turnaround (Front/Back / 3/4 view)

+ 10 expressions

Add-On's for Commission (These can be added for an additional cost)

+Detailed Background  +$20

+Extra Character / Figure  +$20

+Items / Weapons  +$10-$15

+Anything Mech  +$25

+NSFW fee  +$10

**Extremely Difficult / Complex fee +$25

**this is only applicable if the commission is something we expect to take longer than usual and is outside our realm of comfort / Ability.**

Once you feel confident in getting a commission or would like an exact quote, please click the Commission Form link so we can take a look and get back to you! 

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